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    Naim Anwar

    Thank you for taking the time to visit our website to learn more about Crescent Star Insurance Limited. The development of a company is determined by how it perceives innovation. Financial performance is a measurement of success. The added value created for stakeholders occurs at the point where these two intersect. As CSI, we are pleased to have balanced both innovation and financial performance at an appropriate and sustainable point.

    Our performance...

    Known for its reputation, professionalism and innovativeness in the Insurance Industry, CSI displayed a strong operational and financial performance since the beginning of 2015.
    We take CSI a step further every day and update our processes according to changing market conditions. Our customer-oriented business philosophy and proactive risk management approach are our main assets that will continue to guide us in this journey. Sustainable growth strategies, one of the key trends followed globally have been successfully implemented by CSI this year, were the most important driving force behind the positive developments in our revenue base despite the extraordinary challenging conditions of 2015. CSI achieved a growth of over 200% in core business of insurance and has been upgraded to A- by PACRA early this year. The rating denotes strong capacity of the company to meet policyholder and contractual obligations, and the capacity for timely payment of financial commitments is considered strong.

    CSI set about some Insurance as well as non- Insurance subsidiaries this year. We have recently signed a franchise agreement with Golden Chick – A Texas US based fried Chicken Chain under our food business subsidiary “Crescent Star Foods (pvt) Limited (CSF)”.
    CSI expects this investment and diversification to bring good return on investment. In addition to investment in CSF, we have the approval of the Board and shareholders (through AGM) to underwrite up to PKR 450 Million in Dost Steel Ltd (DSL), subject to all necessary/ required approvals. CSI has also invested in the Tracker operation through its subsidiary under incorporation as “Crescent Star Technologies (Pvt) Ltd".

    I am delighted to share with you all that CSI has been recognized for its stature and progress by some of the leading financial analysts like Arif Habib and Bloomberg International News for its significant financial events, as well as some widely read newspapers like Daily Dawn, and Express Tribune wrote articles on the recent success of CSI and same is discussed on social media and other forums as well.

    I would like to thank all my team members, our shareholders and our valued customers who contributed to this progress. Our strength as a company is rooted in our quality human resource base and a dedicated management team with several years of proven experience in developing successful insurance programs.
    CSI plans to further detail its winning approach and integrate it into its products in the following period. We stand out within the sector with highly competitive products and services in all our business lines.


    Naim Anwar






    Naim Anwar

    Managing Director & CEO

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